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  5. "Hvor er mobilen min?"

"Hvor er mobilen min?"

Translation:Where is my cell phone?

November 18, 2015



The ultimate husband question =)


I DIDN'T miss a space! I was always writting it cellphone, and no one ever corrected me.


I thought it was correct too. I had that last week with another word, (can't remember) but according to my cellphone dictionary it is correct


Is this the way it would be casually said in conversation? Because between friends, it would be funny to say: "Where is my mobile phone?" Or is this how you'd say casually as if you'd say to someone: "Where's my phone?"


Huh. The "Tips" for this section defined the Norwegian word "mobil" as "mobile". So I assumed it was one of those balanced artwork things that is often hung above a baby's crib. You know: a mobile. But now I find what they really meant was a cell phone. Does anyone really call their cell phone a "mobile"?

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