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  5. "Er det mange bønder i Norge?"

"Er det mange bønder i Norge?"

Translation:Are there many farmers in Norway?

November 18, 2015



No, not particularly, and their numbers are ever dwindling.

Even if farming were to be made more lucrative, the percentage of land considered arable is quite low in Norway at 3%.


Linn, that plus a potato famine in the 1870s led to the large exodus of Norwegians to North America. There was also the promise to be the landowner and not the tenant farmer. 9Aug17


The reasons for Norwegian emigration in the 1800s were quite complex, but poverty and the struggle to put food on the table were certainly one of them.

The most severe case of blight in Norway was contemporary with the Irish potato famine due to the similar climate, reaching its height in 1846, but lasting from 1845-1849. Its impact was somewhat less severe in Norway only because we were less reliant on potatoes than the Irish were at that point, basing more of our diet on grains and fish. Blight continued to be an issue even after this, but the overall production kept rising due to expansion. By the end of the 1870s, new and more blight-resistant potato varieties were introduced and swiftly adopted.

More potato history (I know you want it.)

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so complex that they happened a hundred years after they happened..?


The state of Texas has 65x more farmland than the country of Norway. Interesting fact of the day.


Norway does a ton of fishing though. In fact it's kind of a stereotype, that Norwegians love to fish, and/or eat a ton of fish.


Funny this question should start this long of comments.


About the pronunciation of "bønder", what I heard from the single-word version is a pronounced "d" while in the whole-sentence one it's silent. A bit confused here...


It should be pronounced with a "d" in both cases


There's a farm in Eidsvoll that belonged to my family for centuries. I should probably visit it at some point, especially if there are fewer and fewer farms...


what is the pitch tone of "bønder"? seems that there has to be the same word with another meaning (kanskje "beans")


Yes, beans' intonation ends lower than it starts, whereas for farmers it just goes up :)


Is peasants wrong?


Technically bonde can be translated as peasant, but it's difficult to imagine in what context peasant could be used in the present tense in Norway.


Is that the word most commonly used for peasant when speaking in the past tense?


~2.5% of the population, with two thirds of those being part time farmers.


Do many Norwegians grow a garden either to save money or for the fun of it?


It's quite common to grow a small patch of vegetables and herbs, but more for the fun of it than to save money. There's something very satisfying about growing your own produce - even if it's just a tiny fraction of what you'll be eating that year.


I like to grow things even if I'm not good at it. :D I can grow lots of carrots and lettuce though!


Not many things you can grow in Norway because of the climate. You need a drivhus (greenhouse) to grow different things besides potatoes and cabbage.


So is the import of food required? Or does the fishing industry make up for a lot of that?


i said "is there many farmers in Norway?"
is that wrong or am i bad at English because that sounds right to me haha


Since "farmers" is plural, you need to use the verb form "are" rather than "is".

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