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"Я не знаю имя композитора, который написал эту музыку."

Translation:I don't know the name of the composer who wrote this music.

November 18, 2015



It should be ....... 'who' wrote this music.


It should be "who" and not "that".


'That' is acceptable for referring to people in a 'defining' relative clause, such as the one we're considering here.


Both "that" and "who" are acceptable for a restrictive relative clause where the antecedent is human. Wikipedia notes there has been considerable debate on this kind of thing. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_relative_clauses#Human_or_non-human_antecedents


Refering a composer as 'that' is quite rude if it is not an AI


I had the same and even though it is not an exact literal translation the meaning is exactly equivalent


Why is it not имени?


Well, имени would be the genitive, dative, or prepositional, none of which would be correct here. What is your line of thinking?


Because «imya» is accusative inanimate= nominative


I have the same question. When the Russian sentence is negative, the genitive case is often used to express the thing that is not known. Я не знаю Москвы for example.

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I don't know the composer's name who wrote this music - why not?


Unfortunately, this way it sounds as though the name wrote the music.


Can one use "кто" instead of "который" here?


No. You can't use кто as a relative pronoun to rename a noun. You can only use it as a relative pronoun when it renames то (the то, кто construction). Here, you need either a form of который or написавший.


it's quite acceptable in english to say "who composed this music"


Can someone explain why it is который and not которого? I thought it'd make sense because которого refers to композитора (which are both in their Genitive Case form). Thank you for helping!


Because "который написал книгу" is a separate clause, and "который" is (the stand-in for) the subject in it. The subject of a clause is always in the nominative.


писать - imperfective

написать - perfective


The robovoice is not pronouncing the final «а» in композитора in slow mode, and it's barely audible in fast mode.


"that" may have a bit of justification, but it sounds very jarring in English. The person who wrote the music is animate! One could say, "I don't know the name of that composer," but in the sentence given to us, the composer writes. "That" does not write. I don't think "that wrote this music" qualifies as a relative clause.


Ridiculous! Using the conjunction 'who' is not wrong in this context. The composer is after all a human being so he is a 'who' and not a that.


"Who" is accepted. Do you happen to have a screenshot of what you entered? It's possible that you encountered a bug, or it's possible you made another mistake/typo elsewhere in your answer.


Yeah I think so too. I guess it's messing of "compositor - composer". Russian композитор sounds exactly as "compositor" in english, who won't write any note to please duolingo.


I don't know the composer's name that wrote this music - is it wrong?


It doesn't sound great in English because relative pronouns normally apply to the closest noun. In this case, it sounds like you are saying that the name wrote the music. You'd likely be understood if you said that, but the natural way to say it would be "the name of the composer who wrote..."

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