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  5. "мой ребёнок"

"мой ребёнок"

Translation:my child

November 18, 2015



Can someone tell me, are these sounds reliable?

It's often very hard for me to tell what the voice is saying, and sometimes I can't see the relation between the audio and the written form. Ребенок in this sentence sounds like "digörk" or "digörök" to me, no matter how many times I listen to it. In another sentence it sounded like "eridörk".

I've understood that in some words the letter o may sound more "closed", depending on the other letters in that word. That could explain why the o sounds a bit like ö. But what explains the rest of these changes in the audio? Are my ears just that bad?


Duo's sound is wrong. As is Google Translate (which might be where Duo got its audio clip from).

http://www.lingvo-online.ru/ gives a standard rendition of ребёнок with the Russian p rendered as something close to English R. It is easy to hear the Russian p sound which it should be in this word.

You are correct that some vowels can sound more open or closed depending on the circumstances or speaker but the P in ребёнок should be easily distinguished for what it is.


Is it and it should be pronounced with r not p


If you learn the alphabet it'll be easier to read and understand.


U got a link or anything to refer me to for the russian alphabet cause i kinda do struggle and felt if i learned the alphabet and if i knew how to sound out words i could get a hold of them and speak them better


If you are using windows just do a search.

First search for the appropriate procedure to install the option to toggle/click to a keyboard mapping for Cyrillic. Don't try to use some sort of cheat method to arrive at a Russian letter system. Just install the Microsoft apps which are free and simple to download. Some of the necessary steps are already on your computer.

Then search for a free typing in Russian course. If you can touch type it will take only a half hour a day for a couple of weeks to be able to comfortably type with Cyrillic.

And yes, you are correct. Being able to use the alphabet as Russians do will make it easier to pronounce the words as Russians do. A lot easier actually.


It sounds not nice. I hear "мо ребёнок". "й" is eaten.


Does it sound like the р and е are reversed to anyone else? ( er-byen-ohk)


It sounds ok to me.


So... ¿How is the correct pronuntiation? I ear "piribionok" Thanks


Reb-yo-nuk -> Reb (sounds like Red), yo (like yo-yo), nuk (rhymes with nut).


It really doesn't rhyme...


yes, I hear it the same way


I heard it too. I ran "child" through google translate and there it sounds like "deebeeonik"


I think it sounds that way because it's a pronounced like a rolled r, kind of like in spanish.


After listening to it a bunch, I think it's the R being extra pronounced that's giving it an e sound at the start.


I hear that as well.


I hear something like "edi bunock"


To me too. It's so weird... I mean, no way it is something normal


The "б" has an English "g" sound rather than a "b" sound to my ear. Anyone else hear it that way?


To me, the word by itself sounds like er-ebyo-nok. When it's played with both words, it became "moy re-byo-nok."


would it be "moya rebeyonok" if the child is female?


@BoningGuan - Grammatically ребенок is masculine so it would be мой regardless. You'd use the proper pronoun for the kid though (он/она).


so when it comes to the pronoun "my", I've seen it take many forms in russian can someone explain the difference between моя мои мой мы

Thanks guys


Мы is not a possessive adjective but a pronoun (meaning "We"), just like Я means I.

Мой = for masculine words Моя = for feminine words Моё = for neuter words Мои = for plurals of things (regardless of gender).


why both мой ребёнок and мои ребёнок correct??? explain


Мои is for plural nouns only and is therefore incorrect. It is possible the program recognizes it as a typo and therefore accepts it, but it is pronounced differently and is not the right answer.


Hi, can you explain how мои and мой are pronounced differently? I've been pronouncing them pretty similarly and I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.


Мой is pronounced as if it rhymes with "toy" or "boy". Мои is pronounced more like "mah-yee" (like "maya" but with an ee ending instead of an ah ending.)

Check it out on forvo.com to hear native speakers pronouncing them for help, it is a great dictionary.


Can someone explain the difference between 'мои' and 'мой'?


Мой = for masculine words Моя = for feminine words Моё = for neuter words Мои = for plurals of things (regardless of gender).


when we use ''мой'' and ''моя'' ?


Please read the other comments.


when we use "мой" and " моя" ?


мой is for masculine nouns and моя is for feminine nouns, I think


Is there a difference between "дитя" and"ребёнок" or can they be used interchangably?


"Ребёнок" is the singular (child) and "Дети" is the plural (children).


It sounds correct to me.


What's the difference between Ребёнок and Ребенок? Does it have the same pronunciation?


@GiulianaOr12 - In most printed Russian sources (blogs, news articles, technical documents, etc.) you won't see ё, just е, so you do have to learn when it's a ё and not a e (there are some good general rules that are a little more advanced). In this case, there is only one word - ребёнок - but because they are less prone to writing the ё you will more frequently see it spelled ребенок. Just remember that second e is a ё. Long story short, they are pronounced the same (re-BYO-nuhk).


"Ребёнок" is child What about children?


The sounds are not fully reliable I have a tutor and I know that.


Does ребёнок means "child" as in someone's daughter or son, or as a kid?


What is the difference between Б and В? Is the former more like the English "B" and the latter more like a "V"? I am just guessing a lot of the time or relying on visual memory.


I have write my child!




What if I called my Russian friend up and went "У меня есть ребёнок".

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