"a good man's house"

Translation:дом хорошего человека

November 18, 2015

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Is "дом доброго человека" not acceptable? "добрый" is not a generic "good", but it seems more or less appropriate in this context (we are not describing "a good table", but "a good man").


Why is дом хорошей мужчины wrong?

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    Because «мужчи́на» is masculine, so you should say «дом хоро́шего мужчи́ны».


    «дом хоро́шего мужчи́ны» is rejected

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      Please report it next time you get it.


      3 May 2019 still rejected


      still being rejected in September


      Please I need help here explaining all the cases involved xO


      Only two cases: nominative and genitive.

      Genitive is used where English uses "of X". In Russian there is no "of", you just say X directly, but in the genitive.

      So this sentence is "(A) house of (a) good man" (for translation purposes, it is better to write it with of instead of 's, because Russian uses this kind of construction, so it is easier to relate that way).

      Since it is "of a good man", the whole "good man" goes in the genitive. So хороший человек in nominative becomes хорошего человека in genitive.

      House stays in nominative, so дом.

      The final sentence is then дом хорошего человека.

      дом хорошего мужчины is another option: here it is more literally "man", as in male, and not just a person. человек is for a person in general, which in many phrases and idioms in English common speech is what is meant by man and not literally just males.


      Wow, thank you so so much! Of course!, The way you deconstructed the phrase with the "of" system opened my eyes a lot since English is not my native language.


      дом хоро́шего мужчи́ны» is still rejected in Jan 2, 2020!!


      What you are saying is house of a good man.

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