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  5. "You must not sleep!"

"You must not sleep!"

Translation:Du må ikke sove!

November 18, 2015



Does ''ma ikke'' translate into you ''must not'' in the sense ''you don't have to'' or does it also take the meaning ''you cannot'' in the sense of it is forbidden


It can have both meanings.


So for which modal auxiliaries in Norwegian does the negation apply to the modal, for which to the infinitive, and for which can it be either? I remember thinking about the corresponding question in English, and finding the answer to be much more complicated than I had expected.


It depends on whether Dracula is returning to feed that night or not


Tu pure, o principessa, nella tua fredda stanza...


Jeg våknet en natt av en underlig drøm, det var som en stemme talte til mig, fjern som en underjordisk strøm - og jeg reiste mig op: Hvad er det du vil mig?

  • Du må ikke sove! Du må ikke sove! Du må ikke tro, at du bare har drømt! Igår blev jeg dømt. I natt har de reist skafottet i gården. De henter mig klokken fem imorgen! (...) ;)


The poem by Arnulf Øverland was translated into English as "Dare not to sleep" on Wikipedia.


And I thought this was a reference to A Nightmare on Elm Street.


Or the Body Snatchers


It's fun to say this in the tone of: "YOU MAY NOT PASS!"


My dad used to say 'du få ikke ...' which I understood to mean 'you mustn't'. Is this phrase correct or did I mishear whatever he was saying

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