"Открой мне дверь, я забыл ключ."

Translation:Open the door for me, I forgot my key.

November 18, 2015

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Just where in the sentence is "my"? Yet another random answer from DL. Sometimes it requires a literal translation, other times not. DL would be a lot better if the questions and accepted answers were reviewed against consistent criteria.


A sentence I use in English far too often.


what means " my" ? why my key?!!


"Open the door for me, I have forgotten the key" is not accepted. Americans use the preterite everywhere...


though not a native speaker of English, I am convinced that this translation, which I just wrote myself, is not "wrong". What is more, I understand that while with terms such as папа, мама, брат etc. the possessive pronoun is frequently omitted if the reationship is evident from the context, the case is completely different with "key". Who says that it is "my" key which I forgot - it can also be a key lent to me by the host or whoever ...


А где " мой" ? I say it because literal translations are often required.


Is this sort of structure with the dative used anytime someone does something for another person? E.g. could one translate "wash the dishes for me" as помой мне посуду? And/or is открой мне дверь more literally "open the door TO me"?


What is wrong with "Open the door for me I have forgotten the key?"


Absolutely nothing. In fact 'I've forgotten' is much more appropriate.


I forgot a key isnt correct?


There is only one key...


Open the door to me ... - correct or wrong?


Sounds unnatural and might be incorrect. Generally speaking, when doing an action instead of someone else the action is done for that someone else.


"I forgot the key" is more direct. I have no idea where this "my" is coming from.

Since crown levels whole Russian course is more like a course of anger management. The moderation team doesn't give a single shit about it. There are sometimes 16 out of 18 exercises wrong in one lesson. But it's not stopping them from asking for money.


"I forgot the key" Is marked as wrong, why is it wrong??

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