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  5. "You need pencils."

"You need pencils."

Translation:Вам нужны карандаши.

November 18, 2015



WhyТебе нужны карандаши. and not Тебе нужно карандаши. ???

[deactivated user]

    You use «ну́жно» with verbs and neutral nouns:

    • Тебе́ ну́жно купи́ть карандаши́. You need to buy pencils. (купи́ть is a verb, literally: for-you [it is] neccessary to-buy pencils)
    • Тебе́ ну́жно ве́рить в себя́. You need to belive in yourself. (ве́рить is a verb, literally: for-you [it is] neccessary to-believe in yourself)
    • Тебе́ ну́жно молоко́. You need milk. (молоко́ is neuter noun; literally: for-you [is] neccessary milk, i.e. milk is neccessary for you, you need milk)

    With plural nouns, you use «нужны́»:

    • Тебе́ нужны́ карандаши́. You need pencils. (карандаши́ is plural, literally: for-you pencils are neccessary)
    • Тебе́ нужны́ ру́чки. You need pens.

    Another two options are нужна́ and ну́жен. Нужна́ is used with feminine nouns:

    • Тебе́ нужна́ ру́чка. You need a pen.

    Ну́жен is used with masculine nouns:

    • Тебе́ ну́жен каранда́ш. You need a pencil.


    Is it the same with надо?

    [deactivated user]

      No, «на́до» can only be used with verbs:

      • Тебе́ на́до купи́ть карандаши́.
      • Тебе́ на́до ве́рить в себя́.

      You can't use it with nouns.


      Thanks a million for the explanation, it's all clear now!


      In last sentence shoudn't it be "You need a pencil"?

      [deactivated user]

        Indeed, thanks for noticing!

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