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  5. "I have sisters."

"I have sisters."

Translation:У меня есть сёстры.

November 18, 2015



Comparing сёстры with the word for sisters in Norwegian is so fun, the proununciation is 98% the same!
сёстры equals "søstre" (the Russian ё sounds almost the same as the Norwegian letter "ø").


Is мне сестры a possibility?


if you are a russian pirate.


is there a time when У меня есть сёстры is more correct?

[deactivated user]

    More correct than what?


    Than "У меня сёстры" (which is also accepted)

    [deactivated user]

      I’d use «У меня́ есть сёстры» as the default variant. «У меня́ сёстры» works in some contexts (e.g. when talking about family members you have: «У меня два брата» — «А у меня сёстры»), but «У меня есть сёстры» is useful in more contexts.


      That is the correct answer given, opaloma


      What is the difference between сестры and сёстры?


      When I write this as a transliteration of "У меня есть сёстры", I am told it is incorrect. Do anyone know another way to write it?


      If 'есть' is a 3rd person singular present verb shouldn't the plural 'сёстры' be using the plural verb 'суть'?

      [deactivated user]

        Well, if thou wishest to sound archaic...

        In modern Russian, «есть» is a present-tense form for all the persons, both plural and singular: я есть, ты есть, она есть, мы есть, вы есть, они есть.

        «Суть» can be found in some very bookish texts, and it’s still rare even there. It’s definitely not the style we’d use to speak about our family members.


        If 'есть' is a 3rd person singular present verb shouldn't the plural 'сёстры' be using the plural verb 'суть'?


        The Cyrillic keyboard shows me e diaeresis on grey but I can't see how to select it


        Hold the button for a second and it will switch, е was just tapped, ё was held down for a second before releasing, the release of the button adds it after the switch. This is on an android phone for me.


        I have not got the characters on my keyboard to write this


        cant type this on normal keyboard I want to move forward on this exercise


        In everyday Russian texts, Ёё is not really used very often, since it is just the form Ее takes in stressed syllables, so writing "сестры" is not only valid, it is more authentic. And I've had no problems with Duolinge rejecting it or anything.

        But at any rate, on my JCUKEN keyboard layout, you type Ёё by pressing the key at the very topleft of the keyboard under the "Escape" key, where QWERTY keyboards keep their "prime" and "tilde" symbols.


        This question (and many others in this course), incorrectly parses the transliteration of 'есть.' Neither est nor est' will be accepted (while both should be).


        what is wrong with OO MINYA YEST SIOSTRI ?


        I don't have access to certain symbols on my keyboard


        I have typed this in so many times just allow me to move on please


        You should be able to copy and paste the answer if your keyboard is missing certain letters. I would, however, suggest that a computer update might be in order.


        this is just a general question...how do you get a Russian keyboard? I want to do this on my laptop sometimes, but I need some sort of on-screen Russian keyboard.

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