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  5. "Bu onun hakkında bir kitap."

"Bu onun hakkında bir kitap."

Translation:This is a book about him.

November 18, 2015



Another example for a weird and bizarre word order! Can anybody explain it?!


My head exploded the first time I saw this, but it's actually the same word order we've been using all along, just getting more complex. If we think of "onun hakkında" ("about him/her") as just another modifyer /adjective-phrase, it may seem more familiar...

  • Bu büyük bir kitap = This is a big book

  • Bu onun hakkında bir kitap = This is a book about him

And if you're struggling with "onun hakkında" (about him/her) you could try thinking of this as "on the topic of him/her" to remember the structure:


I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around the word order here. If I had to translate it myself I probably would've written "bu bir kitap onun hakkında". Can someone explain how this works and if my idea is correct?


"about him" is a modifier in Turkish. Basically, if you can ask "which book," the answer will come before "the book." Any information regarding the book will always occur before it (and all nouns for that matter)


Also, kitap must be at the end because it's holding the verb 'to be' (bu onun hakkında bir kitap-tır).


bu bir kitab= this is a book ?


can it be "onun hakkinda bu bir kitap"?


What is the differcence between "This is a book about him" & This book is about him.?


This is a book about him = bu onun hakkinda (bir) kitap

This book is about him = Bu kitap onun hakkinda(dir)


I wrote, this book is about him and it was marked wrong


Very similar in meaning, but grammatically different:

This book is about him = Bu kitap onun hakkında.

In Duo's sentence, "bu" (this) is the subject; in your sentence "bu kitap" (this book) is the subject.


How could I say just: "This is about a book". [thank ya] :* ®


"Bu kitabın hakkında" I guess/


I think that "this is about a book" would be "bu bir kitabin hakkinda"


Why not " hakkısında" ?


i think the original word is "hakk" and the "i" for the possessive and the "n" is for buffer


I type in "Bu onun hakkında bir kitap", but it says it would be wrong and gives me this solution "Bu onun hakkında bir kitap", which is the same as I typed


this book is about him Bu kitap onun hakkinda ???

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