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Levels on the Dashboard CVS downloadable file

Could you add the student's Level next to the XPs on the downloadable CVS/spreadsheet file on the Dashboard?

November 18, 2015



I agree wholeheartedly!!! Would be an awesome feature, very needed. Thank you. I posted on this today, not having read your posting. My posting below. Thanks.

Love Duolingo! I reward my students for achieving levels. I did this before DuoLingo for Schools came around and I'm really happy about DuoLingo for Schools, but there is still no quick or easy way to see a user's level.
As in the past, I have to individually click on a student in my leaderboard to open their profile and then see their level. Then I have to return to my home page and click on the next student, etc.
In DuoLingo for schools even this workaround is not available. I can see a list of their XP and Skills, but not levels. And clicking on a student does not bring me anywhere to see their level, either.
Please DuoLingo, can you make a user's level readily available and visible? Thank you!


Sr. Sacco, Yes, I also rewarded my students before DuoLingo for Schools came out. It would make it much easier to reward students if their level was posted on the same page. Let's hope that someone from Duolingo can get back to us.

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