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  5. "Wir mögen Restaurants."

"Wir mögen Restaurants."

Translation:We like restaurants.

January 8, 2013



Is this really how to pronounce "Restaurant"? It sounds pretty French on the audio..


It is. Another French-like pronounced word in German is 'Chance'.


Ah merci beaucoup! haha


restaurant is spelled the same in english and german because it is a french word that's why it sounds french as well in german i have no idea why they don't say it "french sounding" in english so don't ask me.


In the US, French words are more about marketing than culture so pronunciation isn't that important, unfortunately. Not to mention we have the Frenchbillies (cajuns) and Quebequoi influences.


Please difference between mogen and mag


"Mögen" is used for "Wir". "Mag" is used for "Ich".

Wir mögen. Ich mag.

In german, each verb has a different form for each pronoun. Next time, when you see the german word in your exercises, click it and from the drop down click "conjugate". Or just google it, or find the word in the "words" tab up there and click conjugate :D


Restaurants are love !


Is it like English that if we don't use The we mean we like Restaurant in general rather than when we use The in We like the restaurants?

So if we say Wir mögen die Restaurants. we are thinking of specific ones, am I right?


Surely if you spell the translation slightly wrong it will still be right?


Usually yes. But, if what you misspelled becomes another word or is unrecognisable to Duo, it will mark you wrong.

For example, a single letter mistake can make you wrong: "Wir mögen Restaurants"(We like restaurants), to "Wer mögen Restaurants" (Who like restaurants).

This changes the concept of the sentence AND makes it grammatically incorrect. Duolingo isn't alive & thus can't always tell whether you just made a spelling error or if you don't understand the material yet.

Try writing out the word on paper & spelling it out at the same time.

(Assuming you spelt "die Restaurant" wrong, it may help that it's spelt the same in English, French, Dutch, Danish & Norwegian among others. For each of these languages -including German- the word comes from the French who pronounce "au" as an "oh!" sound. Ultimately, restaurant came from the Latin word for "restore", restaurāre).


Why not - Wir mag Restaurants


Because the proper verb form for "we like" is "wir mögen." "Mag" is the proper verb form for the first person singular, "I". So, "ich mag".


So like in English, the plural here is made by adding a final s. This is definitely not universal as Ei becomes Eier. Can someone explain?


It's a word borrowed from France. Foreign words in German tend to have ans -s in plural at the end. Also, short, one syllable words like auto, kino and whatnot have an -s in plural.


spelled restaurants wrong and said i was wrong

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