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Should I loose a life for an incorrect answer?

Hello. I'm recently joined Duolingo to try and work through the Russian course, and progress from being a total beginner that keeps forgetting words, to someone who can hold a meaningful conversation!

I thought I read somewhere (I think it was in the help section) that if you get a wrong answer during a skill you will loose a life, and if you loose three lives you have to start that section of the course again. Should this happen in the Russian for English speakers course to. I ask because on some (or should I say most) skills I've completed to date, I have definitely made more than three errors and have not been forced to restart.

Also, while I'm writing this post, I would like to thank everyone that put this course together - it really is amazingly fun and educational and I believe it will be a massive help to me (and lots of others) learning this interesting language.

November 18, 2015



This is the old system. Now you have a "progress bar" which goes back when you make a mistake. So, if you make mistakes, you just have to answer more questions.


I faced that situation a few days ago, but it happens only when you are validating a section or unity.


Ahh... that makes sense now. It also explains why I seem to spend ages on skills that I struggle with. Obviously I need a lot more practice!!! Thanks for your answers though.

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