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  5. "Is this spoon yours?"

"Is this spoon yours?"

Translation:Эта ложка твоя?

November 18, 2015



I wrote Эта твоя ложка and was told it was wrong, thinking spoon was feminine. Do adjectives form themselves after the word that follows directly afterwards? These were suggested translations:

Это твоя ложка? Эта ложка твоя?


Hm, hard to say since the both words sound the same... Well I believe this would be kinda correct to write it as "Эта твоя ложка?" but this would probably mean something like "Is this one yours? the spoon." but I can't say for sure.


From the last two example questions: The first one means, "Is this your spoon?", while the second one says, "Is this spoon yours?".


Is this spoon yours? Because we are emphasizing on the spoon, the new information is Whom? , so we put it in the end


I wrote the same thing and it was accepted.


My answer was «это твоя ложка?», it was marked as right, but it didn't corrent the «это». Does it change its form when you phrase it differently? Or is it just a bug?


Both это твоя ложка? (is it your spoon?) and эта ложка твоя? (is this spoon yours?) are correct.


I am going to ramble on here to try to get this straight in my mind. The first, I think, means "is this your spoon?" and the second, I think, means "is this spoon yours?". There is a subtle difference because in the first case it appears to be a choice of many spoons and in the second case it could be just one spoon. ie. in the first case an example could be - out of all these spoons is this one yours? - and in the second case an example could be - I have found this spoon on the floor, is this spoon yours?


Yes, that difference is way too evident. Both have a relative similar meaning, therefore it was accepted by DL anyway.


Her pronunciation of ложка has the emphasis on the wrong syllable


Wrong audio: it's лОжка and not ложкА!

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