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  5. "Ты уже идёшь в школу?"

"Ты уже идёшь в школу?"

Translation:Are you going to school already?

November 18, 2015



why cant "you're already going to school?" be accepted? It's basically the same as the second suggestion but with the word "are"


Duo is notorious for not accepting contractions in answers by users, even though Duo might provide answers containing them. As an absolute rule, I never use contractions in any answers I type in Duo.


Why в школу? Isn't "в школе" the form of the word школа used with the preposition "в", or it has other uses?


With this verb of motion, the noun школа must be in accusative after в, so школа turns to школу.


I imagine "в школе" as "in school" and "в школу" as "to/towards school". Is it right?


Yes, in a way, although it may be more helpful to think of "идти в+accusative noun" as a set way of expressing travel.


Could this also be translated "Are you going to school already?" I thought уже=already, per previous lessons...


The lesson seems to have updated translation of уже from "yet", to "already". Are both correct or was the previous an error? Just so I know whether both meanings can be used... ☺


What about "do you go"?


This imples some regularity and translates as "Ты ходишь в школу?"


there were other sentences I translated with "do" and i have no idea if it meant a repeated action. How do you say this like if you're asking someone if they've started school? Like, it's a little kid who wasn't in school at all before and you're asking if they've started?


Ты уже ходишь в школу?


Seems to me that would mean the same as "Do you attend?", which doesn't involve movement and would require prepositional case rather than accusative: сколе instead of сколу


Not sure but can anyone tell me why "Have you already left for school?" Is not acceptable?


The past tense of "leave" is not the same word as the present tense of "go."


i really wonder why "are you already going to the school?" isn't accepted?


"Are you already heading to school?" Isn't accepted... Should I assume it is only used for walking then?


Yes its always by foot for this word. There is another word for going by transport.


Need some tongue yoga after spelling this...XD


Why the puncturatin have to be heard so fast? Gosh it's awful how hurried its speak is


in English 'to go' is differing from 'to walk' is there such a difference in Russian, and does it apply here? In English the sentence could be both: "Are you old enough already for going to school?" but also "It is early in the morning, and you are going to school already!"


Wondering the same! Without context, what does this sentence mean to Russians? 'Have you reached the age of starting school?' or '[It's only 7 am] , are you already starting your walk to school?'


I cannot believe how difficult and weird it is to pronounce this "швш" sound. Do Russian speakers really pronounce all three consonants here?


Yes we really pronounce these three consonants without any problems. To be honest, I never thought about how difficult it is ) It's hard to me as a person who learned English to get used to pronouncing sounds in a row ending in "th" and "s". It's not possible to quickly pronounce these sounds in a row, they merge into one ))


The tts really slurs together the first three words of this one. It sounds like "too-zhay-doosh" all in one word. Is this how a native speaker would say this?


Is this literal or metaphorical? Or can it mean both? i.e. 'are you old enough to attend school yet' or 'are you walking there yet'?

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