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"Os anos passam e os filhos crescem."

Translation:The years pass and the children grow.

January 8, 2013



I wish there were more sentences like this one which you could actally imagine being spoken by a real person.


I notice more sentences are getting to a conversational level. I like that. :)

[deactivated user]

    Why would "the years pass..." be wrong here?


    I think it's also correct.


    This should be correct. I concur


    why is boys grow wrong


    Because "filhos" doesn't necessarily refer exclusively to a group of boys. Remember that plural names in Portuguese are always masculine.


    They would be sons, not just boys in this. That's why "the children grow" is correct. Tiago is also correct in saying that the plurals are always masculine (unless it is a group of girls, exclusively).

    Please note: I am not a native or a linguistics professor or student. I am simply a person and this is my interpretation of things.


    does anyone notice how the definite articles slid into the nouns when they are spoken at a natural rate of speed? So, this sentence is enunciated as osanos passam, etc.

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