Dicas sobre Adverbs of Frequency

*Adverbs of Frenquency - Adverbio de Freqüência.*

Os principais advérbios de frequência

Adverbs - % frequência

Never - 0%

Seldom - 10%

Rarely - 20%

Sometimes - 50%

Often - 75%

Usually - 90%

Always - 100

Adverbios de frequência vem antes do Verbo Principal:

Marta NEVER arrives late. / Ivan Always works hard.

Adverbios de frequência vem depois do verbo TO BE

Soo is often upset. / I am seldom bored.

Sometimes can also come at the beginning or end of the sentence:

Sometimes we go to the mountains; They wake up late sometimes.

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November 26, 2013

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Adverbs of frequency

Always - sempre

Almost always - quase sempre

Usually - geralmente

Often - frequentemente

Sometimes - as vezes

Hardly ever - dificilmente

Almost never - quase nunca

Never - nunca

*Obs: Esses advérbios vem sempre antes do verbo, exceto o Sometimes que pode tanto vir antes como depois.

I sometimes watch TV before bed / Eu as vezes assisto TV antes de dormir. Sometimes I watch TV before bed

Há também outros advérbios tais como:

every day - I lift weights every day.

once a week - I go jogging once a week.

twice a month - I play soccer twice a month.

three times a year - I swim about three times a year.

often/much - I don't excercise very often/much.

*Já esses são colocados sempre ao final da frase.

January 14, 2014

Putting numbers may confuse some as some of these might be used interchangeably and relatively to the experience of the person speaking. If they were exact like that, they would be used in science. It may be a good place to start for some though.

"Seldom" and "often" seem like opposites to me and are given as antonyms in the dictionary, so they should probably be opposite each other if you are going to use percentages. So if "often" is 75%, then "seldom" should be 25%. Probably the same with "usually" and "rarely". "Rarely" seems stronger to me than "seldom", but different people may use them differently. It would be good to keep that in mind when using.

December 5, 2013


December 5, 2013
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