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  5. "Ты умеешь писать?"

"Ты умеешь писать?"

Translation:Do you know how to write?

November 18, 2015



Извините, Could you make a verb conjugator like they have in the German Duolingo. That would be 'очень отлично' and really helpful. Большое спасибо for the fantastic course.


I'd like to suggest you three links where you can check the conjugations for Russian verbs (I suppose most people here already know these links)

http://cooljugator.com/ru/ (you can search using any form of the verb)

http://en.bab.la/conjugation/russian/ (you can search only by the infinitive form, but you can use the link below to know what is the infinitive form for a given verb)

http://starling.rinet.ru/morph.htm (Use neither capital letters nor the letter "ё" in this site, use "е" instead)

Edit: Cooljugator now declines Russian nouns and adjectives:


я не знал! спасибо))


"Do you know how to pee?"


Я хорошо умею. Знаю? The heck with it, I gotta pee.


Writing? Peeing? What's the difference...


In Russian, 'They write in the snow' is an ambigious sentence for a number of reasons.


What really begs the question is whose handwriting is that snow scrawl in!


I think it's a joke cause писать resembles "to piss"


What's tge difference between знать and уметь


Маша знает, как плавать = Masha knows how to swim (only in theory, she has no practice) Саша умеет плавать = Sasha can swim (he has a practical skill).


It seems like уметь implies or actually means "being able to (having the skill to, see Shady_arc's comment below)", while знать is more about theory. Einstein might have known (знать) how to make an atomic bomb, but it was Robert Oppenheimer who actually knew how (уметь) to make an atomic bomb.

Shady_arc adds below the verb мочь, which means "to be able to; can; may" in the sense of having the opportunity to do something, i.e., both knowing the theory and the practice of doing something, but perhaps (in the negative) not being distracted by something else - not being able to sign your name because you don't have a pen or pencil with you.

At least, that's my barely educated take on these verbs.


This is nearly the same in all slavian languages. The word знать perfectly fits to know and it's usually related to some information, on the other hand уметь means to have skills for something.


The answer "Can you write" is marked wrong, I thought it should be accepted?


"Can you write?" is one of the accepted answers.


I am saying what happened with me on the mobile app, "Can you write" was marked wrong for me, and the alternate was "Could you write".


Sometimes it doesn't like when you're missing a question mark in a question. Could be that?


Did you copy and paste your answer here? Sometimes people leave out a letter (e.g., "you" instead of "your") which causes the answer to be wrong.


Doesn't может mean "can?"

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"Может" is third person singular, and it is rarely used for skills. "Ты можешь писать?" asks if it is possible for you to be writing, like, right now (or maybe you are too busy and have neither a pen nor a piece of paper).

Even then, it would not be a really common thing to say because usually you need a person to write down something specific—which guides what you are likely to ask.

For skills, use the verb "уметь", both in literal and metahporical sense:

  • (literal) Я умею готовить яичницу. = I can make fried eggs. (I know how to do it!)
  • (figurative) Ты не умеешь жить. = You do not know how to live. (you lack the "skill" of doing what a normal person is supposed to do with their life)


Thanks - I suppose that last one can also be used to say that the person being addressed is too stupid to know how to breathe :) Have a lingot!


pfft. no, i do not.


How can 1 word mean write/writing and peeing? Because that could be a very awkward question to ask someone "are you writing?" But they hear "are you peeing?"

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It depends on the stress. Note that their conjugations work differently. The verb писа́ть "write" has a consonant mutation in all present tense forms (e.g. "я пишу"). Пи́сать "piss" is a 100 % regular verb like читать.

пи́сать "piss" писа́ть "write"
я пи́саю пишу́
ты пи́саешь пи́шешь
он/она пи́сает пи́шет
мы пи́саем пи́шем
вы пи́саете пи́шете
они пи́сают пи́шут
past пи́сал, пи́сала etc. писа́л, писа́ла etc.
imperative пи́сай, пи́сайте пиши́, пиши́те


Is this double e in умеешь pronounced just as one e or is it yeye?


Wow, i guess im dyslexic, i thought it said 'Ты умеешь поспать' lol i thought it was funny, because my friend is awful at sleeping, i was going to screenshot it, but i was wronf


Sir, did you want to piss or to write? Писать?


Only just now realized that you can tap on new words to see their meaning...


Not in Russian. ;)

Doesn't Duo teach the Russian alphabet anywhere?


Duo doesnt teach it because it is fairly easy to learn... But maybe the website version of duo's first lesson might have the table... I made one myself because Russian sounds sound more like my own language, Portuguese, than English.


I was in Portugal a couple years ago and I kept trying to hear Russian words when people spoke! Portuguese does sound Russian!


you can change the way you see the words in the top right corner of the screen next to the tips and notes where it shows the switch


I know. But that doesn't help me write Russian letters.


you can go to your settings and adjust the language to have two different keyboards, at least with mine it allows me, but I'm not sure with others.


Thank you! I've figured that out already, (The comment you replied to was two months old), but have a lingot anyway.


Remember: it's писать, not писить. Those are very different words.


There is no verb писить. "To urinate' is пИсать with the stress on the first syllable


I write the songs.


Why is it not conjugated as ты умеишь


Sounds off. Shouldn't it be pronounced more like "umeejesh" and not "umiish"?


So this verb can be related to our "can - be able to"???


I dont get how the last word coyld mean write and to pee


It depends upon how you write it or how you stress the word. You stress the и .


That's called homonyms. (Or rather homographs)


Why does писать mean to pee???

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We have two different verbs писа́ть "write" and пи́сать "pee". Note the different stress.

Their conjugation is also different, the peeing verb being the regular one (я пишу́, ты пи́шешь... / я пи́саю, ты пи́саешь...)


Do you know to wright is ok

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