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  5. "My sister works in a zoo."

"My sister works in a zoo."

Translation:Моя сестра работает в зоопарке.

November 18, 2015



in the previous lesson it said places go at the beginning. now it's at the end. i'm so confused.


What matters is the message of the sentence. The most obvious interpretation of this sentence is giving some information on where your sister works. Consider these imaginary dialogues:


"Where does your sister work?"

  • "My sister works at the zoo."


"What happens at the zoo?"

  • "My sister works at the zoo"


"What does your sister do at the zoo?"

  • "My sister works at the zoo."

If you are giving information about the place or time of something happening, it is going to be at the end. Otherwise it usually isn't.


In a previous lesson there was a sentence like this that omitted the <моя> before the <сестра>, and on the discussion someone said that possessive pronouns are often omitted with family nouns. I tried that here but it wasn't accepted. Was this former advice unfounded?


They are often omitted, with the obvious downside that without context you cannot tell whose relative that is.

It is rather obvious in a sentence like "I - talk - with - sister" but a bit sloppy for generic sentences like "Sister is on a chair". We will probably remove these sentences without modifiers eventually.


That makes sense. Thanks for your help and all you have done for this course!


на зоопарке also possible?

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In a previous lesson about workers or laborer, it was something like: рабочий работает НА заводе

In this sentence however на is wrong and I must use в. Why?


Is there any difference in using In or At here?


How is зоопарк pronounced? Is it like: 'zo-o-park'? This word would be a lot easier if it was 'зу'/'зупарк' haha

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