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  5. "Er schrieb mir gestern."

"Er schrieb mir gestern."

Translation:He wrote to me yesterday.

January 8, 2013



I'm an Australian and we say 'wrote to me', not 'wrote me'.


As an American, I agree that this sounds a little funny. I would, however, use this construction along with a direct object. "He wrote me a letter yesterday," for instance, sounds totally fine to me.

"He wrote to me yesterday" sounds better to me, and Duo does accept it.


Same in the US, er at least that's the way I would say it. I'm not sure if other Americans say it like that, but I would never say "He wrote me yesterday"


I've heard "Wrote me" here, US as in "Have you heard from Tomm?" "Yeah, he wrote me yesterday." informal, but it gets the point across. Refers to traditional mail, it would seem


Sorry - I should have made the distinction that you're more likely to hear it in the US :-) I rather like the fact that older 'English-isms' have survived in the US and Australia but died out in the mother country.


he wrote yesterdat to me.Why is this wrong?


That wording doesn't sound like natural English to me. Better is "He wrote to me yesterday."


I got a correct mark for 'He wrote to me yesterday'. I'm Anglo-American. An American would say 'He wrote me yesterday.' In England the 'to' is most likely to be left out by rural dialect speakers, the majority of people in England nowadays would insert the 'to'.


I'm a US English native speaker, and I would not say "He wrote me yesterday." I would say "He wrote TO me yesterday" or "He wrote me a letter yesterday."


Which English rural dialect are you referring to, EHurtt? I cannot think of one and now I'm really curious and really want to know. :)


Would "Er schrieb an mich gestern" not work too?


My language is similar to German from a grammatical point of view . In Romanian we have also Cases ( N, Akk, D, G ) , but sometimes my brain gives " 404 not found " :)) I tend to think that a verb will ask always for either Akk or Dativ which IS WRONG . zum Beispiel: " Ich schrieb dir einen Zettel " = I wrote TO YOU (D object) a note (Akk object) . I hope this helps others !


I had only the audio to go on, so "He wrote more yesterday" should be accepted, too.

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