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Hi, I am native Spanish speaker, but I have been talking English since I was 3, I just started learning French, and I also speak Catalan.

I am trying to build the course of Catalan for English speakers, but until more people send solicitations to the incubator, we could not do anything.

I will also like to animate people that speak Basque (a language in Spain) to create a course.

I will also like to animate all the people that wants to create new courses or is creating them. I have Heard about someone that is posting articles about Amharic, (I recomend you to create more acounts and send different solicitations, because the Duolingo incubator just creates courses when more tan one person sends a solicitation).


November 18, 2015


To apply to create a course, just follow this link to the application: :)

November 18, 2015

Yeah... I know, but if just one person does that, the ourse won´t be created

November 19, 2015

What's up?!!?

November 18, 2015

What do you mean?

November 19, 2015
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