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How to use the Troubleshooting forum

Hello everyone!

Before making a post to Troubleshooting, please check the Help Menu to see if the solution to your problem is there.

When submitting a bug report by form, please state what browser and operating system you're using (or which app). Be very clear when describing what is happening with your account, because many problems sound very similar. If you can, attach a screenshot

Example post

What forum should you post in? See This discussion

For new users

Please give a quick read-through of Duolingo's Community Guidelines.

If you're experiencing difficulties with another user, please do not post about them by name in the forums. First, Block the user. Then contact a Moderator

For an extended FAQ, please see This Post.

Please remember to keep casual conversation to your friends' activity stream. The forums are for asking questions and making suggestions about the website and sharing language related content with the community.

Thank you, and good luck with your studies! ^_^

November 18, 2015

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