"I am in my chair."

Translation:Sono nella mia seggiola.

January 8, 2013

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Are "seggiola" and "sedia" synonyms?


I would like to know this too. Earlier we were taught that chair was sedia, now it's seggiola. Is there any difference between the two words?


maybe one is an armchair??


From a Google Images search and this dictionary (http://www.wordreference.com/iten/seggiola), I got the impression that they're more or less synonyms, but "seggiola" can be an individual bench also, and that "sedia" is much more widely used (judging from the big list of compound forms).


I believe it is the equivalent of how in English we would use "chair"= seggiola (noun) and "seat" = sedia (noun) from the verb "sedere". Hope I'm right :) And from what I've heard "sedia" is more commonly used.


what would be wrong about saying : sono nella sedia mia


Possessive adjectives can be placed after the noun for emphasis, but this tends to be reserved for idiomatic expressions like "Dio mio". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_grammar#Possessive_adjectives


Is it possible to change the order? Nella mia sedia vs Nella sedia mia.


I am in the my chair?
Why 'nella mia' instead of 'in mia'?

I was given three choices and asked to select all that apply:
... in mia ...
... nella mia ...
... la mia ...

I chose only number one, duo marked it wrong and corrected it with number two. Is that correct?

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