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Ukrainian for Russian Speakers

Firstly thanks to all those who helped create the current Ukrainian for English speakers course. I really enjoy this course. Once this course has graduated from beta I think the next step should be creating a Ukrainian for Russian speakers course. There are a large number of Russian speakers in Ukraine, and many do not know Ukrainian (or English) well. If we want to promote the Ukrainian language and ensure it survives its important everyone in Ukraine can speak Ukrainian. Also such a course will be helpful for Russians in Russia, and people from other parts of the former Soviet Union who want to learn Ukrainian

November 18, 2015



On a purely selfish note, I suspect it will also be helpful for Ukrainian learners who speak Russian as a foreign language. So many times during the UK tree I thought to myself it would be more natural and actually more helpful to me to compare Russian and Ukrainian directly to more thoroughly understand both the similarities and differences, and there were a few times I caught myself translating Ukrainian into Russian...


Yes, i did that too. And often when asked to translate english to Ukrainian typed the answer in Russian instead


Yup, did that too, and then felt like a right idiot!

(Though I think the worst really stupid error I made was in one of the from Russian courses; saw the phrase in Russian, aha, I know this, confidently type it in in German, press check and... then realise I'm in the English for Russian speakers course, not German for Russian speakers. And I was sooo proud of myself... sigh)


Я из России, изучаю украинский язык, было бы офигенно видеть в дуолинго курс украинского для русскоязычных, я только за!!!


That would be absolutly lovely! I want to continue learning Ukrainian when I am done Russian tree and what better way to learn Ukrainian by using my Russian?

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