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  5. "Die Batterie ist voll."

"Die Batterie ist voll."

Translation:The battery is full.

November 18, 2015



I put the battery is charged, and Duolingo accepted it, but noted that, The battery is full is another correct translation.

I agree that The battery is charged (or The battery is fully charged) are the best translations, at least here in the US. So, for example, I would say, "I packed the camera, and the battery is charged."


'the battery is charged' is correct English, as is the battery is fully charged . the battery is full is not correct English


You had a good intention: colloquial we talk in Germany about "Saft" when meaning the state of charge of a battery

Hat die noch Saft? = Is it still charged?


to ask, if there is electric power in a socket (Steckdose) = Ist da Saft drauf?


"Juice" is, in English as well, slang for electricity.


I didn't know this, thx!


full of electrical charge


the battery is full is not correct English


Batterie or Akku?


der Akku is an accumulator, a rechargeable battery.

die Zelle is an (electrical) cell.

die Batterie is, strictly speaking, a battery: a group of individual cells working together.

However, in colloquial language, you may hear Batterie even for an individual Zelle and also for rechargeable ones.


so for example: phone battery=akku, regular batteries like energizer =batterie even if it's really called zelle? is that how it is? thanks


Yes, the rechargeable battery in a phone is pretty much always an Akku in my experience, but if your TV remote, for example, needs new batteries, you'd say meine Fernbedienung braucht neue Batterien in everyday language.


Is "Der Akku ist völlig," another valid translation?


No. That would mean "The (rechargeable) battery is completely."

I've only ever heard völlig as an adverb before another adjective, e.g. völlig unmöglich "completely impossible" or völlig durchnässt "wet/soaked through-and-through".


Could this refer to other sorts of battery? The Royal Artillery has batteries of guns. If the battery has all its officers, men, vehicles, and guns, could I say "Die Batterie ist voll" or would that have to be, "Die Batterie ist komplett"?


Shouldn't it be Akku?


1lizsnxr and mizinamo discussed that 9 months ago. See their conversation above.


"The battery is charged up." was not accepted. "The battery is full." is not a usual English phrase.

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