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"Моя сестра снова открывает книгу."

Translation:My sister opens the book again.

November 19, 2015



Exactly talking, What's the difference among these ways to say (Again): ''опять,'' ''ещё раз,'' and ''снова''?


Ещё раз is 'one more time' and thus it doesn't mean the same as 'again'. Опять is less literary than снова and is often used in the negative meaning, for example: 'Ты опять не сделал домашнее задание!'


Since you're 21 levels deep in French, as I understand it, it's the distinction between: encore --> again -and- encore une fois --> once again


Can опять or еще раз be used in this sentence in place of снова? Or do they belong in specific contexts?


Oh, I thought it said курица D: creepy


My complaint about this sentence is that it seems to portray a narration of an event. It seems like it's trying to say, "My sister is opening the book again." Or is that yet another conjugation I've yet to learn?


I noticed this too. It's not an utterance I'd have expected outside of narration.


We also have the word "anew" - but it isn't accepted. Hummph!


I would have expected "anew" to work.

The word снова itself seems to contain "с" and "нова", which I would roughly interpret as "with newness", or something like that.


what's the difference between снова и опять?


Duolingo why do I got wrong everytime I forgot "the" word ;-;???


What I think I understand at this point is that книгу is to "the" as книга is to "a." I think that the only reason this instance of "THE book" is not at the front of the sentence is because "my sister" takes the more important placement as the subject. If I'm wrong, I'm sure I'll be corrected.


Why is reopens not accepted?


i believe that would require a prefix on open

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