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Advanced German

I am a native English speaker who lives in Germany, and has been learning German for many years. My German is quite good (nearly fluent), but there is always room for improvement. Is there any way to skip the first several levels of the German lessons?

May 30, 2012



Well first of all I dont think this website is best suited for your needs if you're fluent. But if you want you can always take the mini-tests to pass the levels:-)


You have also some shorcuts across the lesson's diagram ir order to skip a pack of them. I suppose they are simply tests.

Look for the golden lock:

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_RaBJG8H-uX8/SXXaeypPlmI/AAAAAAAAAPo/IEE2xSIHz9Q/s320/cerradura.jpg (but golden xD)


Excellent ... many thanks to both of you!

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