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  5. "Луна вращается вокруг Земли."

"Луна вращается вокруг Земли."

Translation:The Moon orbits the Earth.

November 19, 2015



that infuriating/embarrassing moment when you understand the sentence but can't remember the right word in your native language...


Don't worry, I just wrote: The Moon orbits around the Earth :|


Which is a) also correct b) not accepted.



Oh I even didn't know. I just assumed it was wrong because English is not my native language


Correct, I suppose, but I think it's unnatural. "Orbit around" is redundant and I don't think I've ever heard someone say that.


agree, the word "orbit" includes the concept of "around"


It may be redundant, but I hear such statements more frequently with "around" than without. This may be another of our friendly regional variants.


Redundant indeed but in the Russian!


Yes, I'm pretty sure that should be right. Me, I forgot the word orbit. And English is my native language, so I have no excuse...

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"rotates around" was accepted :)


Good! Although incorrect. The Earth has a rotational period of about 24 hours and an orbital period of about 365 1/4 days. Correct would be "The Moon revolves around the Earth."

For physical motions, "rotate" is "to turn around on or as if on an axis" and "revolve" is "to move in a circular or curving course or orbit (the Earth revolves around the Sun)."


seriously вокруг means around..? right


лунА, and not лУна


The Moon orbits the Earth.

It's perfectly a good translation and i've written that correctly plenty of times, but today i used present continuous, so is it really wrong? "the moon is orbiting the earth?"


There are some contexts where that would be fine: 'OK, here's our plan: the moon is orbiting the earth, let's take our space ship and...' However, as a general statement of fact it sounds unnatural - do you remember a time when the moon wasn't orbiting the earth?


hm, there really are plenty of contexts. As an answer to "what is moon doing right now?"


Maybe a little off topic, but I heard the word возвращаться the other day, and that means "to return". Could anyone clarify how this is related to the word вращаться? They seem entirely different in meaning...


You sure there is no connection between "turn" and "return"?


Haha, you got me there, Shady.


Redundant ?? What makes "orbit around" more redundant than "turn around"?


When someone says turn they don't always mean around. The direction of the turn is important and needs to be specified. But nobody i know says "orbits around." "Revolves around," is more common.


El satélite artificial, dicen por ahí...


moon not capitalized


Fkat earth comment was posted twice. He is obviously curious what the heck flat earth has to do it. Msybe it radiates xtra XP...


Would вертеться be a better verb to use, here?


There's a zRussian song using that word meaning as the world TURNs.


Using "вертеться" in this context is colloquial and, frankly, pretty childish. So while it's possible it's not better.


So the song wasn't a child's song.. it was essentially a prayer to God, sung by a Russian woman, praying for God not to forget her and the poor. Prayer Francois Villon. So what exactly is the meaning of вертетсяь, Пожалуйста!


"Вертится" does mean "turns". It's just not the best choice for the more formal language. The singer was going for a more colloquial style. In that case it's not about being childish, but rather "honest", "down to earth", maybe a bit "unsophisticated".

I never said it's a wrong word to use. We use it a lot. It's just not better than "вращается" when we talk about celestial objects. It's just different and fits different style. You wouldn't use it in a scientific report, that's it.


Awesome as always! Thanks so much. That song and lyrics are on Utube. So beautiful and I memorized it and learned new words. Regina St.. forget. You probably know about her.


'Moon' and 'earth' should be in lower case here.

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