I'm new to this website, but I'm having trouble trying to remember some Russian words and phrases. Does anyone have tips to help me out?

November 19, 2015


In Soviet Russia, words remember you!

Welcome to the community! ^_^

One thing that helps me remember vocabulary is to create funny stories. For instance, in Spanish the word "pared" sounds like bread, but it means wall. So I imagine a piece of bread stuck to the wall. In Japanese, the word うち (uchi) means home. So I think of having the music pumping really loud inside of my home Uchi! Uchi! Uchi!

Try to get as creative as you can. If you're tactile and visual, try making a list of the words. Try using different color markers if that helps. And write as big as you can so you can see the list from across the room.

If you're a hearing person, say everything out loud so you get practice both saying the words and hearing them.

Good luck! :)

Hello I can help a little. try repeating the word 10 times before you go to bed. also being relaxed can help be motivated. watch movie listen and sing songs in Russian. this will help you because your surrounded by the language even though your not in the country. if your trying to learn to write Russian their are some websites that you can print out papers to trace the Russian words so you can practice. to remember the Russian alphabet you just have to practice. you should practice 30 minutes a day , if you don't have time then 15 or 10 minutes can work to. hope your journey of learning Russian goes well:)

It may take awhile for you to get used to Russian. Don't let your expectations push you faster than you can go. There Is nothing wrong with doing lessons more than once, for example. Or the website Memrise will drill the heck out of you to make sure you remember. Just persist and what was hard will become easy.

Just to memorize words (and whatever else there is to memorize) I use They do just that - make you memorize something.

Thank you for all of the help!

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