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"Scríobhtar foclóirí Gaeilge in Éirinn de ghnáth."

Translation:Irish dictionaries are written in Ireland normally.

November 19, 2015



Surprised that I was marked wrong for "Gaelic dictionaries". Surely this too constitutes a reasonable interpretation, not just Irish dictionaries?


I regularly access the de Bhaldraithe English-Irish Dictionary, and the New English Irish Dictionary, and I have a copy of the Collins Irish to English Dictionary on my Kindle.

There may be some dictionaries out there that use the word Gaelic in the title, but most of the Irish-English dictionaries available in Ireland say Irish, rather than Gaelic.

I'd be inclined to say that it would be a little bit misleading to accept "Gaelic dictionaries", because that's not really the phrase that is used in Ireland, even if it might not be technically incorrect.


Thank you for your insights and for being so helpful. Congratulations on reaching level 20.


Go raibh maith agat - tá súil agam leibhéal 21 a bhaint amach gan mhoill!


But Gaeilge can also mean Gaelic as a whole (Irish dialects, Scottish and Manx), and each of them seperately (although, then, it would rather be put more precisely as Gaeilge na hAlban or Gaeilge Mhanann). So, I believe, it could be translated as Gaelic dictionaries, Goidelic dictionaries or even (on some rare occasions) Manx dictionaries

However, I do not think they would be appropriate translations to be accepted by Duolingo because still Gaeilge, without additional context and information, is understood as Gaelic dialects and official standard of Ireland a.k.a. Irish.

[deactivated user]

    So that is how you say Manx Gaelic! Thank you!


    In the sense of “Gaelic” as “Goidelic”, the plural would be needed — foclóirí Gaeilgí.


    Hi, I can confirm that in the north, we do frequently use "Gaelic" to refer to the Irish language. It is becoming a thing that older people say, though, and not so much younger people. Colloquial and regional but still :)


    In English, one should not split the verb with the adverb. I wrote “normally are written” instead of “are normally written” and it was deemed incorrect, but it is gramatically MORE correct.

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