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  5. "Do you believe this girl?"

"Do you believe this girl?"

Translation:Ты веришь этой девочке?

November 19, 2015



I'd love it if someone would break down the grammar of this one for me.


"Верить" uses the dative case ("кому/чему?") to indicate the person or thing that is believed or trusted.


What is the sentence that uses it in the dative? I was given "ты етой девушке(?) веришь?" as a solution...


I keep mixing when to use accusative and dative. Please help me get this.. Why isnt the act of believing the girl putting her in the accusative? I trust/believe the girl. So the girl is the object of my trust/faith? I guess she could be the receiver too, but how do I tell which interpretation to use?


Такая разница сушествует: 1. Верить кому = to believe (what someone is saying). 2. Верить в кого = to believe in (someone's existence (eg god), someone's ability to accomplish something) ?

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