"Они тебе верят?"

Translation:Do they believe you?

November 19, 2015



How would "Do they believe in you?" be translated into Russian?

November 19, 2015

[deactivated user]

    «Они́ в тебя́ ве́рят?»

    November 19, 2015


    Just one question... Is the "Do" really needed? Shouldn't "They believe you?" work as well?

    July 17, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      Omitting 'do' in English is like omiting pronouns in Russian: it's acceptable and pretty common in colloquial speech, but generally considered a less 'correct' way of speaking. Duolingo generally doesn't allow such variants.

      (I'm not a native speaker of English, so correct me if I'm wrong.)

      July 18, 2016


      I figured it was because Duolingo doesn't accept simplified colloquial speech. Though it is not slang, omitting "Do" is more commonly heard where I've lived; in the Mid-west.

      July 20, 2016


      It actually has a shade of different meaning:

      -"Do they believe you?" is asking a yes/no question

      -"They believe you?" is assuming the belief, and asking for confirmation or elaboration on why

      I'm not sure exactly why, in this case... but this sentence seems to be triggering this interpretation for many of us English speakers.

      August 25, 2017


      I think either is acceptable and correct, "Do they believe you ?' maybe just a fraction more formal. 'Omitting' has two 't's though, to rhyme with 'committing '; not that English follows its phonetic rules very religiously, but '-iting' would rhyme with 'biting' or 'fighting ' .

      July 18, 2016


      "They believe you?" is marked wrong. Shouldn't it be correct?

      July 26, 2016
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