"It is not my cup."

Translation:Ce n'est pas ma coupe.

January 8, 2013

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Coupe does mean cut. Couper is the verb "to cut". Coupe can also mean haircut/hairstyle. I would not have used "coupe" here, but "tasse" instead. The only time I've heard "coupe" used as "cup" is in hockey for the Stanley Cup - "La Coupe Stanley". But I am not a native speaker. Maybe it is more common in France to say coupe.

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In French the feminine noun "coupe" usually means: - "haircut", "cup" (as in "Coupe Stanley", "coupe de France"), - "tasse" (as in "cup of tea" for "tasse de thé"), - "glass" (as in "coupe de Champagne"), - "dish" (as in "sundae dish" for "coupe à glace".


Wouldn't it be "il' and this be "ce"

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In this sentence, "ce" can only be translated into: "this", "that" or "it".

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