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  5. "Какого цвета этот стол?"

"Какого цвета этот стол?"

Translation:What color is this table?

November 19, 2015



"Which colour is this table"?


I feel as though I'm learning English as well as Russian...


я тоже) i feel your pain :'(


I'm not a native English speaker. Can it be accepted in English? I thought so... If not, than why? Thank you.


They are essentially equivalent, but most native speakers, myself included, would say "what color..." Saying "which color..." almost makes it sound like a quiz, as though the answer is already known to the questioner.

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If the colours are part of a list, then the most natural way of saying it is "which".


What color is this table? or Which color you said?


Why is the genitive case used here? Why now "Какой цвет этот стол?"?

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    Because a table is not a colour. A table is 'of' some colour, not a colour itself.

    For some reason the distinction exists only in statements in English (the table is of the red colour), but not in question (what colour is the table? — of disappeared somehow), but Russian distinguishes these constructions everywhere.


    Спасибо большое за ответ!

    Sorry, I had to romanize the Russian sentence because, for some reason, I could not access my Russian keyboard and I was in a hurry. Простите пожалуйста за это!

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      No problem ^^'


      Oh, ok. I see. Bol'shoe spasibo za otvet!


      what is the colour of this table? should be accepted right?

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        This is a different grammatical construction, it would be translated as «Како́й цве́т э́того стола́?» or «Како́в цве́т э́того стола́?».

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          I'm still not understanding why it's "какого" and not "какой"


          Of what color is this table


          again that false friend as "stol" is chair in slovene and in russian its "стол" a table


          A chair is "(een) stoel" even in Dutch and it sounds as the Russian word "стул". Why on Earth would you want to call it "stol"? ;-D


          Chair is also stol in Norwegian. I imagine it's related to the word stool, but I can't imagine for the life of me how word's meaning in Russian moved to table.

          [deactivated user]

            According to Vasmer's etymological dictionary, those words are in fact related, both originally meaning something standing upright (related to стоять).

            Also, according to Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika, Slovene 'stol' can mean 'table' in some dialects:

            stòl stôla [ou̯] m, mest. ed. tudi stólu (ȍ ó) 1. kos pohištva navadno z naslonjalom, namenjen za sedenje ene osebe [...] 2. nar. miza: stol je bil pripravljen za kosilo; sedeli so okoli stola [...]


            Why does чвета mean color in this sentence, but colors in the previous one ("different colors")?

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              Цвет = color (nominative singular). Мне нравится цвет стола.

              Цвета = colors (nominative plural). Я вижу цвета.

              Цвета = color (genitive singular). Эта картина была сделана только из одного цвета.

              Цветов = colors (genitive plural). Ты использовал много цветов.


              Is the reason "what color" is genitive, because the table is seen as being in possession of a color, like something it owns?

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                Genitive has a number of uses, not just possession. Here it’s used to describe quality of the table. Please see my answer here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11669081


                Is какой (какого) used as an adjective in this sentence?


                From other comments, this looks to be the genetive


                The Russian g has me confused. (Sorry, can't figure out how to get Cyrillic letters without changing my phone's language.). In the first word in this sentence, in the Duolingo sound file, it sounds like a v. (And in many others.). In other words it sounds like an l, and I hit a word last night in which it sounded like an English flat r... And a few days ago I actually encountered my first word in which it actually sounded like a g.

                What is going on here? Is my phone's sound just that bad? Are the sound files that indistinct? Or is it just that no, really, it just very rarely makes an actual g sound when in a word?

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                One sad aspect of the mobile version of DL is that it seems not to give access to the tips or hints section at the beginning of each section (I hadn't realized that it gave access to comments, either--maybe it is a difference between the free and plus versions, or maybe I am just incompetent with my iPad). Early on in the desktop version of things it was mentioned that г is often pronounced as a g sound, but typically in endings such as его or ого it has more the English v sound, just as if it were a в. Don't know about the l or r sounds you have been hearing, though.


                It may be text-to-speech garbling it perhaps...?

                [deactivated user]

                  Perhaps. TTS can really butcher some words. That’s why I use forvo.com if that ever happens.


                  Whatever happened with the moderators stepping in to help? :( Out of the blue this comes in Genitive case and nobody seems to know why..


                  What is horrendous English grammar. Which color. What colors.


                  Better: What color has this table or Of what color is this table


                  "What's the color of this table?" was marked as wrong.


                  Isn't какого цвета better translated as "which colorS"?


                  "Which colors" would be "каких цветов".

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