"Excuse me."


November 19, 2015

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When should I use Извините and Простите?


They are both used as "Excuse me", though «извините» is more closely associated with a formal "excuse me". When you did something big wrong and actually want to apologize, «Простите» is probably better to ask for forgiveness.


THanks, that also helps me


They're pretty interchangeable, you can use either of them for both "excuse me" and "I'm sorry". "Простите" as "Excuse me" is a bit informal, but "Простите, Вы не подскажете который сейчас час?" is still correct Russian.


Is the stress on the last syllable in this word?


Извини́те, it's on the second to last syllable


Что не так с "извини меня"? Буквоедство какое-то!


Here it's извините, but in tinycards it's извини. What is the difference between them?


Извини is singular (ты) and colloquial. Извините is plural (вы) and formal. You use извини when talking to a friend, and извините when talking to a stranger, someone older than you, or someone in a higher position (like your boss, your teacher etc)


And, of course, when talking to multiple people


For the rest of the questions, the app has let me use my Western style keyboard to give a phonetic equivalent to the Russian sounds. I seem to be stuck on this one. Any suggestions?


You can use Latin keyboard for the Latin derived languages, but this is a Cyrillic one. It's the same as trying to write Greek with a Latin keyboard. It would be full of mistakes and it would give Greeks a headache trying to understand what you wrote. But corrections cannot be based on assumptions.therefore It is not accepted in Greece and should not be in Russian too. You need to download a Russian keyboard. I did it easily on my cell phone. Just went to settings, languages and set up a new language. Good luck. Hope to see you around again.


Sorry you add a keyboard not a language


Which word do i use for excuse me as please move

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