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  5. "Det var ro i skogen."

"Det var ro i skogen."

Translation:There was calm in the forest.

November 19, 2015



Is "it was calm in the forest" incorrect?


That would be one of the 126 accepted alternatives.


Huh. I tried that answer but it was rejected. :/


I just copied/pasted it from the first post into the test-facility and it came back green? Sometimes Duo get a hiccup though, I have gotten funny feedbacks in the German tree occasionally (like suggesting an answer, and it being exactly what I just answered)


Weird. I'll just assume it was a hiccup then. Tusen takk! :)


Why is it not "rolig"?


It's the difference between 'there was calm' and 'it was calm'.

In the former, 'calm' is an (abstract) noun and the correct form is ro.

In the latter, 'calm' is an adjective and the correct form is rolig.

It can be confusing because in English the two words are the same (although you can think of the noun form as 'calmness').

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