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  5. "One cannot live here."

"One cannot live here."

Translation:Здесь нельзя жить.

November 19, 2015



Why is it wrong if "здесь" is at the end of the sentence?


A more neutral word order usually has time and place near the beginning of the sentence, unless they are a part of the message.

You may read more here, though, of course, it is more a set of guidelines than a set of universal rule for ANY sentence. We do not follow the most neutral word order ever, just pick out those word orders that sound rather natural (at least, without some very particular context or intonation to justify why the sentence is all backwards).


Thanks. So it would sound weird that way?


Maybe in this situation:

"Hello. Where can I not smoke?"

"Oh, you can't smoke right here"



I see, thanks.


Guys If you wants us to stop making stupid mistakes : you are going to have to make a lesson on the Moscovite word order ( Or at least the one that is asked by Duolingo ) you know as a bonus lesson on the store or whatever : but make a standard that we can all learn for a matter of convenience.


Why dont you join Duo and do that for them. One set of words that work for for several very different English countries and different accents in areas if Russia. Also , since Russisn and English are often not word for word translations, add that to the equasion, and then put it all in the computer robot so the course will continue to be free. Good luck with that. Thank you Duo for this course. I have tried other courses, all good, but they cant do what you do, and books, recordings,etc have so many examples to show you the many complicated changes Russian has, with much if it irregular. Im a 75 year old bat, and Russian is my 6th language. Very difficult, but havent given up. Because of this course, i was finally able to confidently hold a one hour fast conversation, both speaking and understanding! Im sure there were mistakes in there, no one minded and complimented my accent. Im sure everyone who completely finishes this course to the 5th level, and reviews it when they want to will be successful!


Does this sentence mean more "it isn't possible to live here" or " You are not allowed to live here". Or is it entirely dependent on context? I previously thought "нельзя" had more of a "forbidden" meaning.


It's supposed to be: Living here is not allowed. Or You can't live here.


But why is it no "Здесь не можно жить"?


I am pretty sure "You cannot (can't) live here" is accepted


Would нельзя здесь жить sound awkward?


What's wrong with "Тут не можно жить"?


The «не можно» part.


Could you explain what is incorrect about the «не можно» part?


You can't say that way. The verb "мочь" never used with "не" in such situations. You should use "Нельзя" instead.


Тhanks. But when CAN you say не можно.?


From what people have said, it is never correct to say "не можно".


Why is не можно marked wrong?


We do not use that combination; instead, нельзя is used.


What is the difference between: Здесь нельзя жить and Здесь не можно жить ? Is it the difference between forbidden and impossible?


We just do not use не можно—except if we want to sound funny deliberately or не accidentally gets near можно for some reason. There are Slavic languages where that works (e.g., in Ukrainian the negation of можна is не можна).


Thanks. i.e. the word in Russian for forbidden and for impossible is the same word "нельзя" ?


It is more like the word when you use it in general statements is vague in about the same way the English "You cannot live here" is vague.

Cannot does not specify whether it is dangerous, immoral, illegal, impossible, or you just lack the skills. The last interpretation is limited to English (нельзя in this sentence is not directed at the listener specifically) but the rest are there.




This is a terrible translation. Especially for a test. In English (as well as some Russian) making "One" or "один" the subject changes the meaning of the sentence. Even if we're not going for %100 literal.

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