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"There is no name on the door."

Translation:На двери нет имени.

November 19, 2015



Is it not alright the other way round? As in: "Нет имени на двери."


In poetry, maybe :)


Нет имени на двери!
Такая вот потеря... )))


Allegedly word order is not as strict in Russian as in languages without grammatical cases, but there always seems to be a reason why some particular word order has to be used (unless it happens to be in some rare particular context). As a result word order in my own language (Dutch) looks more flexible to me than in Russian.


Yeah, it's just the way it is but definitely some false advertising going on by people that write articles about why Russian isn't quite as difficult as you think!


I wrote something similar: "имени нет на двери." just to try if it'd mean the same, but not accepted.

As I understand, the translation for what I wrote is: "The name isn't on the door."

Maybe someone could confirm that?


Is На двери имени нет not acceptable?


It would be possible if someone asks you if you see a name somewhere and you are looking for it and then you say then the name is not on the door. But if you just say than on the door there is no name without any context you say На двери нет имени.


What case is "двери" in?


It is the Prepositional. На and В are generally only used with the Accusative or the Prepositional.

  • there is a set expression "пойти в" + Nominative plural (it means to decide and become a person of a certain occupation).


Is имени in the genitive because of нет?


I think "На двери нет фамилии." should be accepted when the task is to write the russian sentence when the english one is given.

Usually, one expects family names written on doors, not first names.


On the other hand "фамилия" only means "last name" whereas "имя" is not only "first name" but also "full name". A full name can very well be expected to be written on the door.


Why is it not на двере?


в двери is went wrong?


"В двери" is "in the door", not "on the door".

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