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  5. "Моя дочь смотрит на звёзды."

"Моя дочь смотрит на звёзды."

Translation:My daughter is looking at the stars.

November 19, 2015



I just want anyone who read that comment thread above to know that stars DO move, albeit very slowly relative to the distance at which we're observing them.


звезды is in accusative case right?


Is "my daughter watches the stars" correct?

Seems like the only difference is present simple vs. present continuous and no difference here in Russian?


Yeah, it is not that bad.


why is the "на" there?


For the same reason the English "look at" somehow has "at". This is the preposition the phrase requires. Watching TV, though, uses this verb without any prepositions («Я смотрю телевизор»).


I wonder if it's just a coincidence that свезда replaces е with ё in the plural just like сестра does.


Sorry, звезда*

[deactivated user]

    Can звезда also be an astrononical term, or is it just like five pointed shape that you see in the sky or perhaps the symbol itself?


    It is an astronomical term first and foremost. Звёзды are the small bright objects you can see in the sky at nights. You do not see the five-pointed shape, by the way (can you see stars where you live?) Due to the large distance between our solar system and even the nearest stars, we always see stars as small dots (how small is, essentially, limited by the resolution of the equipment). This, and the apparent lack of stellar parallax was once a strong argument against the Earth orbitin the Sun. It was only later when the better optics let us see that some stars are slightly "moving" as the seasons change and that stars are not as large as we see them.

    Звезда also means a symbol (for example, ☆, ✡, ✧ or ✶) and a type of celebrity.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you for the explanation. I have seen stars before and I know that they're just dots haha :) (I don't know why I said the five-pointed shape thing)


      Звездный Путь?


      "My daughter is star gazing" should be accepted. (Native English - American - speaker here)


      How is звёзды pronounced?


      The synthesized speech pronunciation is confusing, I hear something that can be either "zve-zde" or "zvyo-zde".


      What's the diff in смотри/посмотри?


      По- is a prefix in this case, indicating the perfective aspect of the verb. In the past tense, the perfective shows an action happened and was completed. "She watched" instead of the imperfective "She was watching." I assume this rather complex lesson will come much later.


      Is it also acceptable to interpret "smotrit na zvezdy" as "stargazing?"


      Келли смотреть на звёзды...

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