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  5. "девять девочек"

"девять девочек"

Translation:nine girls

November 19, 2015



I've had no problem with the voice recognition so far in this course, but suddenly cannot for the life of me get the numbers in this lesson to register. Any guesses why?


Same problem here. The numbers are so different from any others I've seen. Except "tri".


Why is there девочек and not девочки? I am sure there is a simple explanation that i may have missed.


девочки is the nominative plural of девочка, but девять requires the genitive plural, which in this case if девочек (formed by dropping the а, but adding a е, similar to кошек)



Бе́г-лые Гла́с-ные ‧ Runaway Vowels ‧ [ aka Escaping / Fleeting / Inserted / Fill / Fluid / Mobile vowels ] ‧ бе́г-лыеFleeting vowels

Genitive plural nouns with a stem ending in two+ consonants have a vowel (o or e inserted before the last consonant. [ after ж ц ч ш щ the first unstressed о in an ending becomes е ‧ 5 letter spelling rule ‧ ]

[ Ок-но́ ‧ о́-кон ] ‧ [ Ру́ч-ка ‧ Ру́-чек ] ‧ [ у́т-ка ‧ у́-ток ] ‧ [ та-ре́л-ка ‧ та-ре́л-ок ] ‧ duolingo wiki Fleeting_Vowels


Duo. . что проблема? :))


I wonder why is it not 'девять девочки'?

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