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  5. "Каса там."

"Каса там."

Translation:The ticket office is there.

November 19, 2015


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I wonder if this is a borrowing from German (die Kasse)

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More likely directly from Polish "kasa", but it's related to German Kasse, no doubt about that. Ultimately related to Latin capsa (a box, repository).

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According to Wiktionary, German Kasse comes from Italian cassa, from Latin capsa. Ukrainian каса isn't in Wiktionary (not a lot of Ukrainian is), but the Polish route certainly seems plausible.


"The cashier is there." should have been accepted. We use this sentence: "Каса там." around the world. I'd never have known they were refering to a 'ticket office'. We'd use "бюро квиток" or "будка квиток" if it's just a 'ticket booth'.


Cashier = касир (the person)

Каса can mean a cashier's desk, a cash register (the device) or also a ticket booth (e.g. to buy train tickets or concert tickets etc.)


would "ticket booth" or "ticket desk" be correct translations here? i accidentally said ticket desk instead of office and got the question wrong, but would have thought its the same thing

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