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  5. "Мой папа — футболист."

"Мой папа футболист."

Translation:My dad is a soccer player.

November 19, 2015



"My dad is a footballer" HAS to be accepted. Football IS Soccer except in one weird country which seems to think it is something else!


Agreed football is the correct word in English


I think your issue was "footballer" vs "football player." Yes, correct in english, but the vocab is teachjng that [sport]+ист = [sport] player.
Kinda meta to think like this, but I think it wasn't prepared for that British construction.


It's actually soccer in a handful of countries (at least parts of Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand), not just the "one weird country" you speak of :)... That said, it accepts "football player" at present


but what do russians call AMERICAN football? do they not have another word for it since football has always meant soccer?

[deactivated user]

    American football is just that, «америка́нский футбо́л».

    We don’t have a shorter name for it because we rarely talk about it :)


    Also some parts of mexico, we beat them up when they do tho


    The moral high ground's slipping away...


    I almost write "footballist" since in Spanish it's "futbolista" xD


    Is this word the same for an american football player? или лучше скажет американский футболист?

    [deactivated user]

      You could say «игро́к америка́нского футбо́ла» or «футболи́ст америка́нского футбо́ла» if the difference is very important. However, «футболи́ст» works here too, because «америка́нский футбо́л» is a type of «футбо́л», even though it’s not the 'default' type around here.

      «Америка́нский футболи́ст» means he's a football/soccer player and he's from America (likely from the USA, because америка́нский usually refers to the USA in Russian), it doesn’t specify which kind of «футбо́л» he’s playing.


      Of course the difference is important! England, other parts of Europe, as in Russia calls football football. But Americans call it soccer! :)


      I understood it as "if the type of football isn't already clear from the context", which I think it would often be.


      Well, I don't agree, the difference is important, if you were learning spanish you would reffer to american futbol as "fútbol americano" because there is no such thing as soccer in spanish, same in Russian, so you need to be specific.

      Plus, american football, is not a "kind of football" it's more like a kind of rugby.

      [deactivated user]

        the difference is important

        I'm not telling the difference is not important. I'm telling it can be important or not, and if it's important you'd say it explicitly, if it's not you won't say it. If it's important for you, great, use the first variant.

        For me personally the difference is absolutely useless. I couldn't care less about either soccer or American football, so I personally wouldn't stress the difference. :D

        Plus, american football, is not a "kind of football" it's more like a kind of rugby.

        This is the classification used in the language. Of course, sometimes the classification used in the language is different from the scientific classification (e.g. водяная крыса 'water rat' is not a крыса 'rat' in biological sense), but from the point of view of the Russian language, американский футбол is the type of футбол, and водяна́я кры́са is a type of кры́са.


        Actually, American football is a kind of football. The modern forms of both games (and rugby too) were being developed at roughly the same time, and they were all called "football" because they were all played on foot as opposed to, say, polo and other more gentlemanly games.

        Unfortunately, this simultaneous development led to a problem when the British game made its trip across the pond: the Americans and Canadians already had their own games they called "football," and the US, it turns out, isn't the type to change anything just because the British think it would be better. Luckily, the ever-courteous Brits already had an alternative name for their game: Soccer, short for "association football". So the US took that name and the sporting world lived in peace and harmony until some guy decided "football" was the only correct name and "soccer" was just some unholy gibberish that the Americans must've thought up because... I dunno, they're just sneering agents of primeval, elemental Chaos or something.


        I agree with you about importance. I think it's important to be clear that if you are using American English, футбол means "soccer" and not "football" at least if you are speaking with Russians in Russia (which is the main point of learning Russian, I assume). From my insatiable curious side, though, I wonder what Russians who have immigrated to and now live in the US would say.

        I disagree about "kind of football" vs. "kind of rugby". Grammatically, adjectives answer the question "what kind?" and in the case of "американский футбол," the adjective "американский" modifies "футбол" and not "регби." So, grammatically, it is a "kind" of football, not a kind of rugby. That's what the expression literally says: American football, not American rugby.


        My father - is not being accepted. App wants My dad. That's unfair


        As far as I understood it, "папа" is more along the lines of "dad". "Отец" would be the formal word ("father").


        Мой папа — футболист= mio padre e` un calciatore


        мой папа футболист. Ваша проверка сказала, что это не правильно. Сегодня 21.01.2021 у вас поменялся редактор(и он требует, чтобы ставили все точки и тире)??!


        Знаки препинания программа не учитывает.
        Несколько дней назад была общая проблема, когда в разных курсах не принимались ответы, написаные буквами, отличными от латиницы. Это уже исправлено.


        Why is it not "моя папа"? (if said by a male)

        [deactivated user]

          Adjectives and adjective-like pronouns change their forms depending on what word they modify:

          • мой па́па ‘my dad’ (the masculine form мой is used because па́па ‘dad’ is a masculine noun),
          • моя́ ма́ма ‘my mom’ (the feminine form моя́ is used because ма́ма ‘mom’ is a feminine noun),
          • моё се́рдце ‘my heart’ (the neuter form моё is used because се́рдце ‘heart’ is a neuter noun).

          The gender of the speaker is irrelevant in these cases: мой/моя/моё is chosen according to the noun it modifies.


          Am i the only one who think it sounds luke she is saying: мой папа Путбалист??

          • Мой папа российский футболист.
          • Сочувствую.


          Soccer isnt a word. The thing is called football in 197 out of 200 countries


          Soccer IS a word. Invented by the BRITISH, no less. It's short for "AsSOCiation Football".


          Why do i have to learn American english when I use English! American english is wrong and to simplyfied


          Ironic that you would complicate the spelling of simplified while decrying simplification.


          When a person masters the use of too they can put down the languge of others.


          American english is closer to the King's english of the 1600s/ early 1700s. The Brits intentionally modified their language to create distance from the American colonies. Languages drift and evolve. The linguisitic bias in this module reflects more American english speakers participated in its creation than British english speakers. You want more british reflected? Contribute :)

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