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"Jeg leser den hundrede boken."

Translation:I am reading the hundredth book.

November 19, 2015



I'm not even advanced enough in English to know that this is how you write 'hundredth'..


Dude I am English and I always forget how to spell "twelfth, twentieth, hundredth, etc." lol


As a German tree user I totally sympathise! Using a foreign tongue to learn a new language...


Same here. Learning norwegian as an english speaker helps a lot reinforce my english fluency... and I think it's also easier because english is more closely related to norwegian than spanish.


If you think this is strange for a hundredth, the Old English term is 'hundtēontigoða', a hund-ten-ty-eth!

The word hundred literally means a hund (the number itself, cognate with Latin centum) + -red, a count or reckoning, so from the same root Norwegian has 'hundre' as its cardinal form from Old Norse 'hundrað', however the ordinal form in Norwegian 'hundrede' is hundre + -ede (even though it looks identical to 'hundred'). Think of the Norwegian as a 'hundre-th'.


The hundredth book ever written? hundredth book in a series?


she says 'leste', not 'leser' ...

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