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"Дверь на балкон в другой комнате."

Translation:The door to the balcony is in the other room.

November 19, 2015



What's wrong about The balcony door? Technically it is the same thing.


Okay, why is "The door to the balcony is in another room" incorrect? I suspect it's because "the other room" suggest that we know WHICH room? But it isn't stated in Russian if we know if it's just some another room or THE other room that we know about.


Oh. I found where the mistake was. Fixed!


Хорошо, что нашли)


It's likely a mistake. Report the sentence if you come across it again.


can someone please explain why in some lessons earlier in the course we saw "дверь В главный зал" but now we see here "дверь НА балкон" ? what is the difference and usage of each one ?thanks

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