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"A "foreigner" means that he is from another country."

Translation:«Иностранец» значит, что он из другой страны.

November 19, 2015



The English sentence is pretty bad--it should be something like "A foreigner is someone from another country." Is the Russian also strange?


Adult to child: "He's a foreigner."

Child to adult: "What's a foreigner?"

Adult to child: "'Foreigner' means that he is from another country."

I assume it's something like this. Sounds fairly normal to me, though taken on its own the sentence is a bit odd.


It is something like this. A dictionary-style definition would probably run like «Иностранец — это человек из другой страны» ("A foreigner is a person from another country").


It would be the same in English.


That's a good and helpful reading of it, thanks! I think my confusion was that the English sentence started with an indefinite article, which is fairly strange to parse.


OK, originally it did not have an article. I am simply not good enough with articles when it comes to naming words. Should it be an "apple" means a type of fruit or "apple" means a type of fruit? Do I say you should know what a "chair" means or what "chair" means? I could never get it straight :)


Yeah, I'd have left off the article at the beginning, although if you add it into the scenario above it still doesn't sound that odd.


It is possible (maybe someone does not understand what is иностранец)) but does not sound like a dictionary definition, if you were asking about that.


fortunately, the Russian sentence is quiet good

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