"The surprise is total."

Fordítás:Teljes a meglepetés.

November 19, 2015

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Ez a téma le van zárva.


Agolul, mondunk "It is a complete surprise". "The surprise is total".....nem.


The English sentences were the original ones written by native English speakers...


While it is valid, it is really only used in literary contexts. Nobody "says" it. I'll concede it may be a more "English" phrase (I'll ask my English coworkers) but it certainly isn't something used in American English. I can't recall if the answer I submitted was also accepted or not.


OK, I've spoken with my English coworkers, as well as 2 Australians and a New Zealander. Everyone agrees that this is not a phrase which one would ever actually speak anywhere. It sounds stilted and unnatural.

I did also find another thread on Duolingo discussing this very subject with regards to French/English: https://api-il.duolingo.com/comment/342354, where the following article is even brought up:


In particular, on pages 5 - 7, which describes adjectives used only in the attributive position, and in this sentence's case, would fall under clause #4:

  1. Those adjectives that identify the reference of the noun itself – that is, they, tell us (in part) what the noun means – and they may not occur after the copula be.

A medical doctor * a doctor is medical. An atomic physicist * a physicist is atomic. A reserve officer * an officer is reserve.

Per that set of rules, the stated phrase - while I do see that it has been used, in literature only - would not in fact even be grammatically correct.

It would appear that the bank of phrases - I assume provided by Duolingo for use in these skill sets, needs some correction in and of itself.


Thank you @StevenMans2 for your inputs:) I just want to let you (and other course takers) know that the same problematic English sentence was also criticized by the course takers of the English for Indonesian speakers: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27731716?comment_id=27731717

Unfortunately, the English for Indonesian course is poorly maintained -- It's worse than my main tree, the Indonesian for English course. I do hope your English for Hungarian (?) updated soon.


A meglepetés totális! Magyarban is használt,igaz nem túl irodalmi,de ugyanazt jelenti!


totálisan egyetértek!


Nem lenne egy nagy hátrány ha a beszédszimulátor érthetően beszélne ,mert nekem az jött le,hogy a meglepetés a teknős.


"Totális meglepetés" miért nem jó???

Tanulj angolul mindössze napi 5 percben. Ingyen.