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"Das sind persönliche Kalender."

Translation:These are personal calendars.

November 26, 2013



Why is it not persönlichen? I thought all adjectives of plural nouns have the -en ending.


"I thought all adjectives of plural nouns have the -en ending" - That's not the case if there is no article word (a, the, my, etc.). Then you have to use the so-called "strong inflection" for the attributive adjective.

"Kalender" is used without an article word (= strong inflection), nominative, and plural. Thus, the attributive adjective has to be strong inflection, nominative, and plural, too.

See this chart:



Why is "Das" in "Das sind" not a definite article?


A definite article is used together with the noun, but in this case it is on its own to the left of the verb so is considered a demonstrative pronoun (e.g. this, that, these, those) and does not affect the inflection of the adjectives on the other side of the verb.

If you consider a slightly different example:

Das sind die persönlichen Kalender = These are the personal calendars

Here, die is the definite article so we need to use weak inflection rather than strong and persönlich takes an -en ending.


Thanks for clearing it up!


Fantastic answer Ethan! Thanks!


is the word"kalender" plural?

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Kalender is masculine when it is singular, so, for instance, you can tell the difference in the nominative case based on whether you have der Kalender or die Kalender.


Thank you very much!


Why no personal diaries?


Because it's talking about 'calendars' not 'diaries'

Say you share an office with people, you can use special software to schedule meetings and you can all have a 'shared calender' and 'personal calenders' in the software.


I feel you share a diary in such cases. Anyway, why is diary offered as a hint and then marked incorrect?


I believe diary in Great Britain is used very similarly to a personal calendar, keeping track of appointments, and such.
so the question remains...


So, is "persönliche" just meant to describe something that's made for one person, like a personal pizza, or can it also describe a sensitive subject, like a personal question?


what the heck is a personal pizza?


Mm. Maybe we should both just Google our respective questions, then.


thanx for the hint :)


A normal pizza, but for one person.

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What's wrong with "These are personal agendas"?


Still don't get when das is that/those or this/these.


depends on the context. Like here you wouldn't translate it "that are personal calendars" or "this are". There might be a more detailed explanation but mostly I've just gotten used to which to use.


I meant this vs that, just included plural forms for the sake of relevance to "Das sind (Zeug)"


In German there just is one word "das ist" which corresponds both to "this is" and "that is". Take it as granted that without any additional context you can always freely translate "das" as "this" or as "that" whichever fits the English translation better.


das can means that, this, these or those. as in: that is, this is, these are or those are. of course it can also mean the.

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