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  5. "Wir haben Suppe."

"Wir haben Suppe."

Translation:We have soup.

November 26, 2013



Can one say "we are having soup"?


IMO no.

As Standard German doesn't distinguish between the simple and progressive aspects, a sentence such as "Wir lesen" can mean both "We read" and "We are reading".

That's not the case here, however. The German sentence "Wir haben Suppe" means only that soup is available, that we "own" it. It's the same meaning as in a sentence such as "We have a book".

The English sentence, "We are having soup", by contrast, means that we are eating or planning to eat soup. That's not what the German sentence means.


Got it- vielen Dank!


So, how does one say 'We are having soup'?


"Wir essen Suppe." (present tense) or "Wir werden Suppe essen" (future tense).

Depending on the context, another possibility might be "Es gibt Suppe." as an answer to the question "What's for dinner?" (Was gibt es zum Abendessen?).


Agreed Katherle, therefore I deliberately translated it as 'We possess soup' instead of the literal 'We have soup' (which would also be correct) and glad to say Duo accepted my version.


Thank you, understood!


Danke, Kat.

You save my day.


Wir sounds like it starts with a v.


In german (as well as other languages), w's are called 'double v's'


I wrote "we eat soup" and it was wrong, why :/ ??


In german wir haben suppe means that the soup is available unlike Englisg it doesn't mean we eat the soup it just mean we own the soup


Got to love when you accidentally hit the wrong button and it reads we we soup, haha


I listened a few times, and I'm sure it says irh haben Suppe, but apparently it says wir haben Suppe


"Wir haben Suppe." Is that a correct sentence? Wir = we, and haben = We/they have.

Isn't the "Wir" redundant?

My mental translation: We We have soup.


"Haben" is the form of the verb that is used with "wir." In English, the verb is taught as "I have," "you have," "he/she/it has," "we have," "they have," to show what verb form goes with which person. It's the same here. The pronoun is not part of the verb.


Why cant i say "we had soup?"


Haben is present, and we had soup would be Wir hatten Suppe


"We have a soup" was wrong.


Yes. The German does not talk about eine Suppe (a soup) but about (an unspecified amount of the uncountable substance) Suppe "soup".


Please get rid of the female responses. You need to get a new female voice Responce. This one must be older than Methuselah's Mother. Good Lord I could have finished this course last year.


I was thinking the same thing about the male voice. I CONSTANTLY misunderstand what he is saying.


Just as English, which soup is uncountable noun, are that most uncountable nouns in german as same as in english?


"We are having soup" was marked as wrong. I understand that this translation is progressive rather than simple, but in English it would be much more common than "We have soup" (unless saying, "We have soup in the cupboard...")


Just want to note that the audio is a little hard to hear. I came across this a few times now & as I was speeding through the exercises I misheard:

"Wir haben Suppe." as "Wir haben Zucker."

Not sure if the audio can be adjusted. Then again perhaps the whole point of this exercise is to be sure you can hear things clearly. Wondering if anyone else has made this mistake & if the issue is on the user not the audio.


i don't know if it's just me, but the sentences where you have to speak at the microphone are becoming really annoying... My pronunciation of course is not perfect, but how is it possible that i cannot say ONE word right in "Wir haben Suppe" or in "Kaffee und Tee"

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