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"Посмотрев этот фильм, он решил стать врачом."

Translation:Having watched this movie, he decided to become a doctor.

November 19, 2015



Does anyone else think that in normal TTS speech, the word решил sounds totally like вышёл?


Well, I definitely hear the first consonant as в rather than р. (Although when you switch to tortoise mode, it sounds the way it should.)


This is literally the reason I started learning Russian ...


Because you watched amazing Russian movie?


B две тысячи пятом году I watched russian movie "ночний дозор" drunk, at midnight, in an empty кинотеатр. This травма left me with a permanent emotional шрам that is giving me russian кошмары eversince.


Patch Adams ftw!


Doctor Strange


Oh... We're using our made-up names.


доктор живаго


Uh, what is Doctor Doolittle, Alex.


(Recovered comments) 1: Is there a difference between "After watching this movie he decided to become a doctor" and "Having watched this movie, he decided to become a doctor"? Thank you

2 Theron126: I spent a couple minutes trying to think of a difference without any success. Both sentences strongly imply that the movie inspired the decision and that the decision was fairly immediate after watching.

1: Ok. Now I don't already remember, it seems that Duo rejected the first option

2 Theron126: "I don't remember anymore". Both sentences were accepted, perhaps you tried "after seeing this movie", which should have been accepted but wasn't.

1: quite possible, thank you


The audio pounces он as пон. I've listened to TV is several times and this isn't right!

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