"My deputy is a good deputy."

Translation:Мой депутат — хороший депутат.

November 19, 2015

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Can somebody explain to me, as I'm a non-native speaker of English: What exactly is a deputy and how can they be 'mine'?


"Deputy" here is an over-literal translation of the Russian "deputat" meaning, in British terms "Member of Parliament" or "MP", or German "Abgeordnete". Deputy doesn't have this sense in English, but means "second in command" as in "Sheriff's Deputy"


A deputy mayor serves under the mayor, if I'm the mayor, then my deputy is a good deputy.


What about Мой депутат является хорошим депутатом?


I second this question


I suggest to add "помощник" and "заместитель".
Мой помощник - хороший помощник, and he can be mine.
The same is about "заместитель". Помощник и заместитель don't encounter in nature by themselves - they can be only someone's.
On the other hand депутат can be mine only metaphorically. Actually, депутат can be only our.


This sentence doesn't fly in English? First, no one possesses/owns a deputy, a member of parliament! Unless he's owned by an oligarch! This might possibly work in Russia, our England (UK)! But it's misleading to think anyone would be in possession of a member of parliament?

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